Photo taken at Downtown Palo Alto, CA


been another 20 days since last post.
every once in a while i’d tried to update a new post but  just didn’t know what to post and was kinda busy anyway.
it’s getting colder every day, which means it’s getting harder for me to struggle getting out of my bed in the morning every day.


kinda have a “crush” on Chipotle recently, since i’ve moved in this new apartment and found out that there’s Chipotle near.
i’m not big fan of Mexican food. i kinda hate the taste of cilantro.
there’s funny thing about it that cilantro tastes different in the mouths of the ones who like to eat it compared to the ones who doesn’t.
anyway, i’m the latter.
but somehow i kinda like the way Chipotle put together all the foods in a burrito (bowl).

and there’s one more thing about Chipotle that every paper bag they provide has an interesting little story printed on it and there are nearly a dozen different ones.


read that Occupy Movement has been spread to California from Wall Street on newspaper.
and i’ve watched a bunch of videos on Youtube that kinda shocked me.
can’t believe some police officers did actually spray peppers on students and shot them with paintball guns and arrested them, even though those police officers were just doing their jobs.
i thought this kinda thing would only happen in place like China.
anyway, i’m not judging and i can’t judge either.

to protesters, bless them all.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
– John F. Kennedy





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