Photo taken at Doran Beach, CA by me


went to dig geoducks clams last week.
basically the funnest thing that I did during spring break.
we set off at 3:30 in the morning and it took us almost 3 hrs to get to the beach.
we gotta drive all the way up to the San Francisco and pass through the Golden Gate Bridge to get to the destination.
it was cool to drive on the bridge when you were surrounding by fogs.
we thought we were pretty early but surfers and people who live by the beach were much more earlier.
it was freezing down the beach and the sun hadn’t completely risen yet but there were so many “pros” digging already.
though we had tools more or less like the “pros'”, but we sucked.
it took our 5 hrs to dig up 8 geoducks and only 3 or 4 of them were “mature” cuz those clams were so damn slide.
anyway, it was fun digging them.

been a while since last trip to a beach.
the sea breezes kinda made the whole body feel salty.
and I saw whole bunch of baby seagulls flying by couple of times.
no wonder people would like to live by the beaches then.
I somehow feel the same, even though I can’t swim properly.

I don’t know that there are so many beaches in the Bay area though.
must go to another beach some day.





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