Until June

Photos taken by me at Shoreline Park, Mountain View, CA


i’ve been thinking of going to Shoreline Park since last year.
though it’s fairly closed to the place i live, i never really had a chance to get there.
and finally, i went there last week.

Shoreline Park is a habitat for those migrating birds and sorts.
i saw couple of wild rabbits there.
it is connected with the Bayland Park, where i’ve there once, was gorgeous and filled with different kinds birds.

the part i went was a kite-flying area.
it was pretty damn easy to fly a kite there than i thought it would be.
saw two little girls like 4 or 5 year old flying kites like doing nothing.


nothing really happened these days,
except one of my best friends is on a plane coming to the US for a couple of days.
wish him the best and safest trip

and i gotta start checking for the plane tickets though.
that’s that.





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