Photo taken by me at Forest Hills, New York


haven’t touched the camera for a long time.
thus i took some pictures in the yard the other day before it turned rusty.


nothing much happened recently.
except i took part in a project that was held by several departments.
it was an extra credit for my stat class.
the project itself was very simple.
it was a research about whether to raise or lower the charge for phone call minutes and data plans (including message plan) or not.
but it was actually conducted by the students from at least four different department.

my job was relatively easy.
i just needed to do some simple stat calculations.
but the results was kinda interesting.
when the crowd of people were asked whether they did have data plan or preferred to have data plan rather than having more phone call minutes, more than 95% of people chose the first one;
and when they were asked whether they preferred communicating via phone calls or via internet (facebook, twitter, any kinds of Instant Messaging, etc), about 85% of people chose the second one;
when they were asked if they would call the person they knew directly when it was his/her birthday, or just shoot them a message via internet, about 80% of people chose the later one.

it didn’t surprise me that every evidence showed more people preferred internet(virtual) chatting.
but then it was kinda sad that the these advanced technologies was actually pushing people away from one another by setting a gap between people, no matter they were friends, colleagues, relatives, or acquaintances.

by the way, and the reason that the project was held in a lecture hall was that our intention was to talk to the people who took part in the survey face to face.
although we could do the project in a easy way, say let people take the survey online as, which we could gather more data, we didn’t because we wanted to give the talk to the actual person.

anyway, the result was for the students from sociology and psychology department to figure out.


i brought up the project just because i might be one of those people who didn’t prefer phone calls, even though i didn’t want to admit i am.
i have 105 contacts on my phone.
last time i checked the number of frequently contacted contacts was 16, including voice box and at&t.

i had the dream the other day.
maybe next dream.


got couple emails from dreamhost saying that my site had been moved to another server, which they claimed would be faster, which wasn’t, according to my test.
i just sent them an email asking if i could revert the change.
otherwise i’m thinking of switching to another provider.


finals this week.
i’m tired already.
that’s that.




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