Photos taken by me at Queens, NY


finally got to play with the new toy i got from John Carey’s awesome giveaway.
i have to say it was not so easy taking photos using this Lensbaby’s Sparks.
since it’s a manual lens, everything got blur in a certain distance and the only way to get a decent focus on the subject is to squeeze or stretch the middle part of the lens.
it was quite hard to use in a windy day because even when i got a good focus the wind blew the subject away from the focus point and i had to wait till it swung back.
i took about 20 pictures and only couple of them had fine focus on the computer screen.
so it’d really take patience and luck and time and practice to use.

it was fun playing with the lens though.
unlike regular lenses, the way it blurred out the subjects to get different depth of fields depends on how i squeeze or stretch the lens.
it’s kinda like tilt-shifted lenses but a lot more simpler.
see if i could get more works from it.
until next post.





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